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I rented a place for 1 year in Peterborough...

"I had a fantastic experience renting from Grant and Peter. The apartment was clean and well kept, the Landlords were available whenever needed. Also there was great security in knowing that there was a maintenance guy nearby if there was ever a need."

  I lived in a house rented by Grant and Peter for two years. They were great landlords, any issue was resolved quickly, they were easy to contact, their property manager was always quick to come by and help with any problem. The house was excellent as well, despite being an older place it was kept in excellent repair with a new kitchen added when I first moved in. Living here has been a great experience, not just for the roommates, but also because I haven't had to spend a lot of my time worrying about my house or if I am going to have to fight and argue with my landlords like some people I know have had to. I highly recommend them as landlords and just as people as well. They were great to deal with, and made at least my first experience as a renter one without much worry.

          Wesley Robinson


 Peter and Grant are amazing landlords! If there is ever any issue or problem, they fix it within a moment’s notice. I feel myself to be extremely lucky to have had Grant and Peter as landlords for the past three years and I am definitely going to miss them next year when I look for an alternate place to live in a different city. I know from talking to my friends that have different landlords that we by far have the best landlords, some friends say that the smallest problems take weeks to fix. With Grant and Peter they are 100% there for us and would do anything to make us happy. As well, the house we lived in was an amazing University house, filled with so many good memories that I will cherish forever. With 6 bedrooms and a large living room and kitchen it made for the absolute perfect house! In the end a great house combined with amazing landlords, made for an overall great experience!  I can only hope in the future to have landlords half as good as these two men.

              Samantha J.

 Peter and Grant have been great landlords because they made the transition to living in a new city easier by providing a friendly, reliable and helpful handy man close by that was quick to assist the tenants.  Peter and Grant's flexibility and willingness to work with tenants to provide all the services desired made living in one of their buildings a pleasure. I felt safer knowing that if I had any problems with the community I could contact one of them to give us advice and problem solve. They give advance notice when dropping in for business, having work done on the house, or making changes in tenants renting. I really appreciated their effort to consider the entire house when filling empty rooms with new tenants to ensure a cohesive and happy household. Their friendly and approachable attitude make for a great experience and continued renewal of lease agreements.

              Jordann P.

The landlords of 462 Sherbrooke, Peter and Grant, are two men who have kept my roommates and I quite happy in this house for 3 years. They are always available when needed and approach any issues that arise with fairness and professionalism. It has been a pleasure having them as landlords and I only hope that those who come after us appreciate them as much as we do.

              Jill L.


For more information contact landlords:

Peter: 905 995 4538


Grant: 416 702 4397


 Fax: 416 291 3396


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